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Pizza or Diamonds?
March 25, 2011, 8:21 pm
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Decadent and fancy pants it makes anyone feel like a duke or duchesses of exotic locations.   Welcome to the Principessa!  Cooked to perfection in a brick oven, a gentle dusting of herby olive oil on the crust creates a fine start to a culinary delight.  The second layer is a lovely crumbled goat cheese, I hear the treatment of these goats rivals that of the Kobe beef of Japan, daily massages, music, and they don’t even have to be killed, just milked with satin gloves.  The third story of this magnanimous munchie, with a distinct flavor of hope and dreams, is a generous garden of arugula,   Freshness is the key here making a beautiful ground floor to an already cheesy basement.
This pizza could stand on its own in this fashion but will not be out done!  Never cast pearls before swine, cast pizza under swine.  Bacon? A commoners morsel!  Speak to me of Prosciutto, in the finest of Italian traditions this flavor brings about a deep strength of salted and dried meat.  Usually aged from 9 months to 2 years, after a 2 month sea salt rub this flavor might make Gandhi want to break a fast and eat a pig, it’s that good.
I could stop there but the crown jewel has yet to be dashed across the facet of edible perfection.  It’s enough to make Julia Child, blush, rest her soul.  I speak of White Truffle Oil people, the actual Alba madonna smells of feet but what better way of seeking them out then the humble pig and then making that pig into Prosciutto for my pizza.  Tuber magnatum truffles sold for between US$1,000 and $2,200 per pound last year.  Oh food of the heavens!  Often times enjoyed with a rich porter to match, it makes the palate spasm with delight.


July 27, 2010, 1:02 am
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No, not Australia.  Down under the ocean is where there are a bunch of things to look at/eat(depending on where you are from).  I took a swim around the harbor today and took a few pictures of things that I saw there.  On this beautiful day I found some neat stuff enjoying the sun as well.  I put up a new section on my site called shoreline if you like this kind of stuff click here.

That strange looking spiky thing in the lower left is a sea cucumber.  I ate one once, it didn’t taste anything like a cucumber, it tasted more like garlic and butter.  There is not much meat on these guys just four rubber-band-looking things on the inside.

The quiet and wise limpet.  These guys get lumped together with snails, but these are way cooler.

A hairy crab, don’t get too close he will pinch you and you will have to crush him against a rock and break his claw off (stinkin’ crab).

The fish were really enjoying a stroll through the eel grass

A quick clip of swimming through the eel grass.  Click Here.

If you like this kind of stuff click here.