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A Season of Sun
September 11, 2018, 7:43 pm
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The 2018 Alaska Season was busy with life.  I had time to think and grow, and time to learn. Working with a well versed team there is always an overarching feel to the group, this year it was so good.  From boat operators to kayak guides and naturalists, all people were professional and skilled at their craft.  DSC_5952.jpg

Beautiful spring flowers, budding from the shoreline of misty fjords national monument represent the pristine habitat bears prefer.  The Tongass National Forest provides all the things this bear needs.  Fresh grass in the spring berries in the summer and salmon in the fall, it makes me happy to see wild animals in wild places doing wild things.

Stay Wild


A spring awakening.

I feel like I made it through the hazing, Southeast Alaska reared its ugly head an gave me a winter of seasonal fluctuations.  Most days went from total darkness to grey and back again, light/dark, light/dark, day in/day out, raven/crow/eagle.

A cold crow puffed up, to stay warm.

A cold crow puffed up, to stay warm.

Water, everywhere, in front, behind, above, below, and next to you.  Seasonal depression is real; when the sun came out it was like an awakening. When dawn and dusk are clearly marked with the shining of the sun it emerges as a gift. A boost to raise you from the pool of water you have been waiting in and finally, if you have the energy, gasping for a breath of air and down again till the next sighting.  Creativity is often stifled into the living room, not much space for a grand idea to blossom.

The fish have come, to ease the stress of fishermen and foragers  alike.

The fish have come, to ease the stress of fishermen and foragers alike.

The wait is over, things are beginning to come back to life.  The herring have finally arrived, and the patient animals gorge themselves on the rich fishes.  The poor birds that were subsisting on trash, handouts and whatever they could scrounge are well fed enough to  think about finding a special friend.  Ravens, crows, and eagles have begun to start their beautiful aerial mating dances.

Herring eggs spawned on sea weed.

Herring eggs spawned on seaweed.

Celebrating 8-9-10 with a -2.34
August 10, 2010, 1:27 am
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Freakin’ low tide again people.  In the midst of this celebration I went to the shoreline of the park and had it all to myself.  What an event there was, stuff everywhere, those unsuspecting little animals got my camera in their face only to be left alone in wanting of the returning tide.  Good stuff.  The results are as follows:  If you like this there are some great high res shots on my site click HERE.

This blobby “wiener shaped thing” is a sea cucumber.  It’s kinda squishy but fun to find because if you give them a little squeeze they squirt water.

Seemingly ever present the chiton I ate one once it was pickled kinda gross it chewed like leather.

Sponge, beautiful and simple there is purple, green and yellow that I have seen.

A little gruesome This salmon got caught in the barrier net of the nearby salmon hatchery.


CRAB! close up of the ocular sensor of a crab.

That one salmon caught in the net did a really good job holding still so I could get a few shots of his “Fish eye lens”.

Beautiful shot of the hermit crab color.

This was neat there was a hermit crab that was using a barnacle shell as a house.

I waited for a while to get the above shot I eventually grabbed him and put him on a rock to get a better look, after which I carefully put him back in his tide pool.

Those Seceret Places
July 26, 2010, 12:46 am
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Everyone has them weather they notice them or not they are always there.  Those little places that only you know a place where the sun shines just right so a sunset reflects off the water in just such a way that it makes you want to sing.  Those places might even be in plane sight it just depends on how you look at it that makes it good.  That place you find the good stuff and can spend some time alone, up and above all the mess.  Where you go to find rest.

After a long few weeks without much “down time” it’s nice to know that those places are still there waiting.

A moment of clarity
July 21, 2010, 4:26 am
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Often times when I am faced with the task to photograph an animal I run quickly into a wall of sharpness, I just can’t get my shots sharp enough.  Being a photographer on a budget requires a great deal of creativity, if high quality images are the desired result.  My first long lens was a 70-300mm VR ED IF AF (vibration reduction telephoto) however fast the auto-focus was it was just not getting quality results at the long end of the lens(300mm too soft).  So, I bought a 300mm f/4 prime lens, pricey yes but, well worth the cost. Case in point…

Grey whales are mammals meaning they give live birth in the water, those salty lagoons down in Baja California.  Mother Grey whales produce milk which nourishes a young whale until they can handle solid food.  And another mammalian characteristic is hair, which raises the question where is this hair located?  I have found the answer.

This shot is the original crunched down for internet purposes but upon close inspection after taking those shots… Also, kinda gross but the barnacles actually protrude through the fat and skin of the whale and hitch a “free ride” as the whale swims through the water.

Those little hairs become fairly obvious.

“How sharp is it?”  Sharp enough to see the hairs on a Grey Whale.

Uprooted disaster
July 10, 2010, 6:37 am
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Starting the day with a fog horn is not always easy, the attempt to begin a wildlife tour in the fog should be an unthinkable venture.  Visibility was reduced to about 100 yards and the first few hours of the day showed no signs of lifting.  What do we do in those situations?  Just wait.  If you like what you see there are more photos like this one on my website. “Otters in the mist”

The fog had just started to break in Redoubt bay.

Soon the view was just plain sunny.

It was a day that couldn’t make up its mind.  I shot some Bald Eagles after work.  It looked a lot like this.

and shot of the day goes to the Juvenile Bald Eagle.

One of those days
July 6, 2010, 4:52 am
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When everything seems to click, I walked outside to enjoy the minus 1.8 tide and there is a deer moving slowly unafraid of my approach.  The moment hits and there it is.

Yup there it is, eating the flowers and munching the grass like it was supposed to be there.  Later on at sea mart it had been raining all day and the dang thing just blasts across the water it looks a lot like this.

It was one of those days, feel good just being alive, good friends, good food, good God what a day.  Go ahead and give it a click for the full effect.