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February 13, 2015, 6:48 am
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Hello friends, I am often aloof on the internet for my own reasons, I don’t need to make excuses, life is more important than facebook.  It is time for a little update.  I live in Anchorage, I have been working at a small whale watching company during the summer season for the last 7 years.  I have become a photographer out of necessity, there is too much wildlife and so many beautiful places.  I haven’t sold many photos but, I have won a few awards, that’s not the point, it makes me happy.  I have worked up to a point of understanding about the world around me, not especially profound, but interesting enough to give presentations on the subjects of my learning.  A profession that has been lost in history is something called a naturalist, the greats John Muir, Henry Thoreau, and John Audubon to name a few.  That is the closest descriptor of what I do these days, study, learn, explore, attempt to understand.  Often I’ll focus on one particular subject at at time, a big stack of books, but of all things I enjoy animal behavior the most.  This study of the animals around me it makes the photographing of them easier by anticipating their movements.  Alaska produces some fantastic surprises and opportunities to explore. Just a little of what is going on in my neck of the woods.

Best wishes,

portage glacier


Bumming and Booming
March 7, 2011, 7:54 am
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It seems as though there are times in which we run headfirst into our own mortality.  Repetition in exciting and fun, but potentially dangerous, activities is asking for trouble.  It’s only a matter of time, no matter how careful, we will trip up, it’s human nature, we expect the same result (definition of insanity) a “grandly fantastic day” every time, and the unthinkable happens and we/I end up with a bum leg.  I haven’t skied but once in the past week, I broke my streak at 110 days.  After having moved so very fast down hill I have come to a stand still, moments seem like time is in slow motion.  The usual cooking of breakfast is slowed to a  crawl, the pop and hiss of my eggs appears to be grossly elongated because there is no rush to get me to the gondola line, totally bummed.

But Boom! there are a great many things that need to be done.  Finished my taxes, Boom!  Reorganized my website, Boom! ( check out Steamboat under Landscapes)  I have showered regularly, Boom! (seriously there is a direct negative ratio of ski:shower days)  I’m about to finish reading a book, Boom!  What to do with all the time?  Pretty big fan of making other peoples days it doesn’t take much, Give wine to my coworkers, Boom!

Soon I will heal and be back on the snow, I will cherish the day, Boom!

The Stars Fell on Christmas
December 29, 2010, 7:42 am
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Right now it’s about 12:45 I just got off work and I am walking home the mile and a half to my house.  As I stepped outside the cold air froze the condensation of my breath on to my beard.  It’s cold.  As I walk up the hill I look out and I can see the big dipper, it has been a while since I have seen the stars like this.  An ocean of infinity, right next to the big dipper the occasional shooting star, brilliant,  beautiful, fleeting.  Looking across the cosmos up above me the milky way screams with clarity there is nothing like the mountain, nothing like the wonder the stars provide instilling a great gratitude that we can see it, that we have eyes.  I couldn’t imagine a better way of putting it, every star set, moving in synchronicity, together, absolutely beautiful.  Many a night as I walk up this hill there is nothing but clouds, nothing but neighbors driving by, car lights, house lights, street lights.  Tonight there is peace.  Not a wisp of wind is in the air.  Christmas lights are said to emulate the stars, they pale in comparison.  I don’t care what day it is Merry Christmas none the less

Celebrating 8-9-10 with a -2.34
August 10, 2010, 1:27 am
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Freakin’ low tide again people.  In the midst of this celebration I went to the shoreline of the park and had it all to myself.  What an event there was, stuff everywhere, those unsuspecting little animals got my camera in their face only to be left alone in wanting of the returning tide.  Good stuff.  The results are as follows:  If you like this there are some great high res shots on my site click HERE.

This blobby “wiener shaped thing” is a sea cucumber.  It’s kinda squishy but fun to find because if you give them a little squeeze they squirt water.

Seemingly ever present the chiton I ate one once it was pickled kinda gross it chewed like leather.

Sponge, beautiful and simple there is purple, green and yellow that I have seen.

A little gruesome This salmon got caught in the barrier net of the nearby salmon hatchery.


CRAB! close up of the ocular sensor of a crab.

That one salmon caught in the net did a really good job holding still so I could get a few shots of his “Fish eye lens”.

Beautiful shot of the hermit crab color.

This was neat there was a hermit crab that was using a barnacle shell as a house.

I waited for a while to get the above shot I eventually grabbed him and put him on a rock to get a better look, after which I carefully put him back in his tide pool.

July 27, 2010, 1:02 am
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No, not Australia.  Down under the ocean is where there are a bunch of things to look at/eat(depending on where you are from).  I took a swim around the harbor today and took a few pictures of things that I saw there.  On this beautiful day I found some neat stuff enjoying the sun as well.  I put up a new section on my site called shoreline if you like this kind of stuff click here.

That strange looking spiky thing in the lower left is a sea cucumber.  I ate one once, it didn’t taste anything like a cucumber, it tasted more like garlic and butter.  There is not much meat on these guys just four rubber-band-looking things on the inside.

The quiet and wise limpet.  These guys get lumped together with snails, but these are way cooler.

A hairy crab, don’t get too close he will pinch you and you will have to crush him against a rock and break his claw off (stinkin’ crab).

The fish were really enjoying a stroll through the eel grass

A quick clip of swimming through the eel grass.  Click Here.

If you like this kind of stuff click here.

You wouldn’t beleve me if I told you.
July 14, 2010, 12:49 am
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So I took pictures.  If you like these the best ones are on my website

We were watching  a humpback whale and it was really frustrating, the whales in the area currently seem not to fluke, a seemingly common behavior of past years but no such luck (my hypothesis for why this is happening is for another day).   Due to this frustrating situation my eyes wander away from the subject and I usually have a bit of luck spotting birds either odd ones (puffins) or strange bird behavior instead.  Eagles are all over the area that we often frequent making it normal to have a few eagles in sight at a time.  Everyone else was watching a whale but I saw one eagle specifically had dove down to grab a fish about 500 yards off the bow and normally it would soar away with its catch.  This one did not.  I have heard stories about how an eagle having gone through the effort to catch a large fish, if he cannot fly away with it, will actually swim using his wings as paddles to get to shore and eat.  It’s true.

This bird swam about 100 yards with about 85 tourists standing on the edge of  a 65 foot boat taking pictures.  It’s like it didn’t even care we were there, it was going to get to shore if it drowned.

Finally the poor soaked bird pulled a nice bright pink salmon up on the rocks and chowed down.  I hope it was all worth it.

These are just a few of the B shots if you want to see the good stuff check out my site.

What the heck
March 15, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Today I was hungover, usually the stardard after drinking all night.  There was rumor of the mountain being shut down but i have heard those sort of things being miscommunications.  I got to the mountain and it was closed, all of it due to wind gusts maxed out at 116 (but that was written off as a mechanical error).  I hiked up about half way up the daze and stopped when the ops were yelling out the window at me, it was a shitty ski down and no where worth the trouble. They tried to open up the lower mountain but the chairs were still being blown around.  Early morning on storm some one said the chair almost made a 360 around the rope.  They finally opened thunderhead but after I did one run shut it down again.  When I was on the chair it gusted to 55 kinda fun if you are aware of how stable the lift is but rather frightening for the people sitting next to me.  After that I went up the ganjala with about 5 locals, I wanted to make a few more turns, it was going so slow they smoked 3 bowls on the way up it was over a 15 min ride.  Over all it was a crazy day, sloppy sunday was a bust when only 4 of us showed up.  The story doesn’t end here, there was a special event at the top of thunderhead that night about 150 people puking and freaking out because it was still blowing.  When it came time to ride down they didn’t want to go because the ride down was so bad.  All in all they should have never opened the mountain but right now they are so broke they can’t even consider giving refunds.