A Season of Sun

The 2018 Alaska Season was busy with life.  I had time to think and grow, and time to learn. Working with a well versed team there is always an overarching feel to the group, this year it was so good.  From boat operators to kayak guides and naturalists, all people were professional and skilled at their craft.  DSC_5952.jpg

Beautiful spring flowers, budding from the shoreline of misty fjords national monument represent the pristine habitat bears prefer.  The Tongass National Forest provides all the things this bear needs.  Fresh grass in the spring berries in the summer and salmon in the fall, it makes me happy to see wild animals in wild places doing wild things.

Stay Wild

One thought on “A Season of Sun

  1. Simon, I’m Ruth Moyerman, the family sponsor of the Aug 20-29 Krfzof tour and I want to make a picture book to remember the cruise. I know you took many pics of my family. Are you going to post them so I can copy them for my personal book? thx

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