The Stars Fell on Christmas

Right now it’s about 12:45 I just got off work and I am walking home the mile and a half to my house.  As I stepped outside the cold air froze the condensation of my breath on to my beard.  It’s cold.  As I walk up the hill I look out and I can see the big dipper, it has been a while since I have seen the stars like this.  An ocean of infinity, right next to the big dipper the occasional shooting star, brilliant,  beautiful, fleeting.  Looking across the cosmos up above me the milky way screams with clarity there is nothing like the mountain, nothing like the wonder the stars provide instilling a great gratitude that we can see it, that we have eyes.  I couldn’t imagine a better way of putting it, every star set, moving in synchronicity, together, absolutely beautiful.  Many a night as I walk up this hill there is nothing but clouds, nothing but neighbors driving by, car lights, house lights, street lights.  Tonight there is peace.  Not a wisp of wind is in the air.  Christmas lights are said to emulate the stars, they pale in comparison.  I don’t care what day it is Merry Christmas none the less

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