No, not Australia.  Down under the ocean is where there are a bunch of things to look at/eat(depending on where you are from).  I took a swim around the harbor today and took a few pictures of things that I saw there.  On this beautiful day I found some neat stuff enjoying the sun as well.  I put up a new section on my site called shoreline if you like this kind of stuff click here.

That strange looking spiky thing in the lower left is a sea cucumber.  I ate one once, it didn’t taste anything like a cucumber, it tasted more like garlic and butter.  There is not much meat on these guys just four rubber-band-looking things on the inside.

The quiet and wise limpet.  These guys get lumped together with snails, but these are way cooler.

A hairy crab, don’t get too close he will pinch you and you will have to crush him against a rock and break his claw off (stinkin’ crab).

The fish were really enjoying a stroll through the eel grass

A quick clip of swimming through the eel grass.  Click Here.

If you like this kind of stuff click here.

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