You wouldn’t beleve me if I told you.

So I took pictures.  If you like these the best ones are on my website

We were watching  a humpback whale and it was really frustrating, the whales in the area currently seem not to fluke, a seemingly common behavior of past years but no such luck (my hypothesis for why this is happening is for another day).   Due to this frustrating situation my eyes wander away from the subject and I usually have a bit of luck spotting birds either odd ones (puffins) or strange bird behavior instead.  Eagles are all over the area that we often frequent making it normal to have a few eagles in sight at a time.  Everyone else was watching a whale but I saw one eagle specifically had dove down to grab a fish about 500 yards off the bow and normally it would soar away with its catch.  This one did not.  I have heard stories about how an eagle having gone through the effort to catch a large fish, if he cannot fly away with it, will actually swim using his wings as paddles to get to shore and eat.  It’s true.

This bird swam about 100 yards with about 85 tourists standing on the edge of  a 65 foot boat taking pictures.  It’s like it didn’t even care we were there, it was going to get to shore if it drowned.

Finally the poor soaked bird pulled a nice bright pink salmon up on the rocks and chowed down.  I hope it was all worth it.

These are just a few of the B shots if you want to see the good stuff check out my site.

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