What the heck

Today I was hungover, usually the stardard after drinking all night.  There was rumor of the mountain being shut down but i have heard those sort of things being miscommunications.  I got to the mountain and it was closed, all of it due to wind gusts maxed out at 116 (but that was written off as a mechanical error).  I hiked up about half way up the daze and stopped when the ops were yelling out the window at me, it was a shitty ski down and no where worth the trouble. They tried to open up the lower mountain but the chairs were still being blown around.  Early morning on storm some one said the chair almost made a 360 around the rope.  They finally opened thunderhead but after I did one run shut it down again.  When I was on the chair it gusted to 55 kinda fun if you are aware of how stable the lift is but rather frightening for the people sitting next to me.  After that I went up the ganjala with about 5 locals, I wanted to make a few more turns, it was going so slow they smoked 3 bowls on the way up it was over a 15 min ride.  Over all it was a crazy day, sloppy sunday was a bust when only 4 of us showed up.  The story doesn’t end here, there was a special event at the top of thunderhead that night about 150 people puking and freaking out because it was still blowing.  When it came time to ride down they didn’t want to go because the ride down was so bad.  All in all they should have never opened the mountain but right now they are so broke they can’t even consider giving refunds.

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