Glacier 04

Glacier- 5.2-3.08

Things are a little on hold right now work wise and adventure wise The roads in to the mountains are quite closed off with snow still. I have been told that they will be cleared by the end of next week but communication is a little unreliable fact wise. Yesterday nick and I tried to get as far as possible down “Two Medicine road” running around the still frozen lake. We both got pretty dirty but we turned back after a little bit because the sun was setting. I hanged out with the guys last night, drinking beers and talking politics and making fun of the boston accent. After a little bit Nick and I went across the street to this really sweet apartment above the trading post (grocery store), he was hoping to see the waitress (Heather) from the grill downstairs of which he has a Big crush. People jamming in the apartment, fiddle, guitar, and two banjos, a very comforting event for me because Shane (KC) would always be play guitar while we hung out.

Caleb, I defiantly met the ”granolies” (those hippie people) and it seems they are the only ones that stay around for the weekend but they smoke a lot of weed. Things are really quiet I’m not sure what is going to happen today, probably go for walk and maybe pick up some trash. The Blackfoot (native american) area of the park is covered with beer bottles and trash. It’s sad, Jim was talking about the majesty of the mountains and he got angry about how it is treated.

Jim is an older man I think in his late 50s divorced no kids, he is the current eldest, because his older brother died of diabetes, 7 siblings total. He has two nieces that he treats as his daughters (twins) one is going to be going to Germany and the other to Brazil he shows great concern for their well being seeing as how this is the first time they will be separated for an extended period of time. He really just doesn’t want to see them suffer, he has a good heart covered with a crust of NY hardness. I am unaware of his situation spiritually he did cross himself in truck when we were talking about death maybe loosely catholic.

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