Glacier 03

Glacier, MT 5.1.2008

First day at work, I made good friends with a guy from NY and spent the day working with him. I am a little concerned about the communications between HR and the management I don’t know where I am going to be posted once the season starts. Other than that the work looks easy enough which is a bit of a relief. I also met a guy that works in the warehouse named nick from Boston we had a lively discussion over breakfast. My hope is that I make it to Many Glassier because it seems to be in the thick of things but I will be content with what I receive, unless I can do something about it. Nick had just broken up with his fiancé who wanted to also go to Montana but she didn’t because he did. He told me about how he called her up and told her that he is no longer mad at her because of the view of the mountains. “How can I be mad at you when I have a view like this?” East coasters are kinda funny like that they get excited that they can have a conversation with a complete stranger too. Normally (Nick tells me) that if you try to talk to someone at home (Boston) everyone is in their own little click and want nothing to do with you unless you can offer them something of value.

I love you dear friends, thank you for this journey.

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