Glacier 02

Glacier park. 4-30-08

Well I made it… the sun is shining and the snow is falling?!? The views are breathtaking and quite exciting. This morning on the bus traveling through Wyoming the sun was creeping up upon the foot hills making it hard to sleep. Beautiful, as the driver made our way through the plateaus, Wyoming began to sing a lovely melody whispering “I Am here.” The I Am is here with me on the bus speaking life into my tired heart. Our lack of permanence is written in the erosion of the very rock that makes up this planet. Fences and buildings decay and fall down not to with stand the test of time.

I have landed in East Glacier and need to check in with Lisa in building maintenance for check in tomorrow at 8. There is a chance that I will be moving to a different camp called “Mini Glacier.” But that is to be decided by the management for another time. Things are a little desolate right now but I’m sure things will change, no friends yet because I haven’t talked to anyone (there is no one here yet).

You dear friends have made this possible, witness the first fruits, new live that is cultivated by your contribution of friendship.

The deaf bus driver

Told us

Not to yell at him.

He had a dog

That rode with us

On the bus.

The guy near me

Looked like he

Just got out,

Of Jail.

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