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glacier 05
May 11, 2008, 1:51 am
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Glacier 5.3-6.08

Missed a few days there. Saturday I ended up lounging a little while enjoying the scenery. After breakfast I went to Kalispell with Nick and Pete both in the warehouse division. I finally got fitted for boots it looks like 47 in European is about it. It was nice to return to civilization if only for a little bit. We ended up going to the best pawn shop I have ever seen which is saying a lot I have seen many. After going to two grocery stores and a liquor store to satisfy nick’s craving for beer. A little Chinese buffet to liven things up and that was about it for Saturday. Sunday was big, there were some people going hiking and I wanted to go hiking too so off we went to Two Medicine Lake. Mixed terrain can be difficult to manage if the terrains are asphalt and snow. There were bare patches of road where the snow had melted already and that was only tough on the knees, but walking on snow with out snow shoes proved a challenge for the six of us. We stopped by trick falls which is a really neat place, the waterfall comes from under the rock instead of over it (that is where the trick comes in). We had been hiking for about 4 or 5 miles and there was a cliff to jump off of Tad, Nick and myself took the plunge in the refreshing and icy waters. Then on to Two Medicine Lake (not sure of the origin) which is a hike in itself another 5 miles but it crests half way so part was down hill. There was a bear a black bear that we met along the way, a nice creature to behold, nothing strange regarding his demeanor, after a little bit he went along his marry way. The lake was beautiful but still mostly frozen the buildings that are around it had snow drifts up to the roofs quite a strange sight. After sitting and being for a little while it was time to go back in order to eat dinner at the EDR (employee dining room). It was really a great hike but I got blisters on my feet and a big sun burn, always a bummer. Working on Monday was quite a chore my legs were fine but I spent the day with my hood on to block the sun. Antonio one of the workers (blackfoot), smiled every time he saw my face I knew it was funny and that is how I became “Red Curly Bear.”


Glacier 04
May 11, 2008, 1:49 am
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Glacier- 5.2-3.08

Things are a little on hold right now work wise and adventure wise The roads in to the mountains are quite closed off with snow still. I have been told that they will be cleared by the end of next week but communication is a little unreliable fact wise. Yesterday nick and I tried to get as far as possible down “Two Medicine road” running around the still frozen lake. We both got pretty dirty but we turned back after a little bit because the sun was setting. I hanged out with the guys last night, drinking beers and talking politics and making fun of the boston accent. After a little bit Nick and I went across the street to this really sweet apartment above the trading post (grocery store), he was hoping to see the waitress (Heather) from the grill downstairs of which he has a Big crush. People jamming in the apartment, fiddle, guitar, and two banjos, a very comforting event for me because Shane (KC) would always be play guitar while we hung out.

Caleb, I defiantly met the ”granolies” (those hippie people) and it seems they are the only ones that stay around for the weekend but they smoke a lot of weed. Things are really quiet I’m not sure what is going to happen today, probably go for walk and maybe pick up some trash. The Blackfoot (native american) area of the park is covered with beer bottles and trash. It’s sad, Jim was talking about the majesty of the mountains and he got angry about how it is treated.

Jim is an older man I think in his late 50s divorced no kids, he is the current eldest, because his older brother died of diabetes, 7 siblings total. He has two nieces that he treats as his daughters (twins) one is going to be going to Germany and the other to Brazil he shows great concern for their well being seeing as how this is the first time they will be separated for an extended period of time. He really just doesn’t want to see them suffer, he has a good heart covered with a crust of NY hardness. I am unaware of his situation spiritually he did cross himself in truck when we were talking about death maybe loosely catholic.

Glacier 03
May 11, 2008, 1:45 am
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Glacier, MT 5.1.2008

First day at work, I made good friends with a guy from NY and spent the day working with him. I am a little concerned about the communications between HR and the management I don’t know where I am going to be posted once the season starts. Other than that the work looks easy enough which is a bit of a relief. I also met a guy that works in the warehouse named nick from Boston we had a lively discussion over breakfast. My hope is that I make it to Many Glassier because it seems to be in the thick of things but I will be content with what I receive, unless I can do something about it. Nick had just broken up with his fiancé who wanted to also go to Montana but she didn’t because he did. He told me about how he called her up and told her that he is no longer mad at her because of the view of the mountains. “How can I be mad at you when I have a view like this?” East coasters are kinda funny like that they get excited that they can have a conversation with a complete stranger too. Normally (Nick tells me) that if you try to talk to someone at home (Boston) everyone is in their own little click and want nothing to do with you unless you can offer them something of value.

I love you dear friends, thank you for this journey.

Glacier 02
May 1, 2008, 1:07 am
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Glacier park. 4-30-08

Well I made it… the sun is shining and the snow is falling?!? The views are breathtaking and quite exciting. This morning on the bus traveling through Wyoming the sun was creeping up upon the foot hills making it hard to sleep. Beautiful, as the driver made our way through the plateaus, Wyoming began to sing a lovely melody whispering “I Am here.” The I Am is here with me on the bus speaking life into my tired heart. Our lack of permanence is written in the erosion of the very rock that makes up this planet. Fences and buildings decay and fall down not to with stand the test of time.

I have landed in East Glacier and need to check in with Lisa in building maintenance for check in tomorrow at 8. There is a chance that I will be moving to a different camp called “Mini Glacier.” But that is to be decided by the management for another time. Things are a little desolate right now but I’m sure things will change, no friends yet because I haven’t talked to anyone (there is no one here yet).

You dear friends have made this possible, witness the first fruits, new live that is cultivated by your contribution of friendship.

The deaf bus driver

Told us

Not to yell at him.

He had a dog

That rode with us

On the bus.

The guy near me

Looked like he

Just got out,

Of Jail.

Glacier 01
May 1, 2008, 1:01 am
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Trip log 4-29-2008

I got to the bus with enough time to attempt to help some people that were trying to get to IHOP but to no avail. Riding the bus is a strange and some what humbling activity, so far as getting to where you are going it looks like it is relatively cost effective if you have the time. Because we were starting at 1 in the morning it was obvious to see that people didn’t want to sit next to anyone. I ended up sitting next to a guy going to Iowa to help his parents plant a new farm for the season. Some of the bus stops are not really even stops as some would imagine, there are the McDonalds stops and the carwash stops scattered along the route. Right now it looks like a slow day in Sioux Falls where the luggage is called bags said “bayges” (like bagel eggs). I can’t wait to see some scenery, as of yet things are a little like Kansas, the rolling hills of Nebraska and the bland but essential farms of Iowa.

The people are seemingly quite a bit more friendly than those on an airplane. It must be the acknowledgement of the time that is going to have to be spent on the journey, as opposed to a short duration of the plane flight. Things still haven’t sunk in yet, it doesn’t feel like something this big it might be because I have been waiting for so long.

There was a blind lady on the bus

She offered me water

I declined

Westport is her home

A big smile

But decaying teeth

Formed her words

Slow and methodical

“I need a taxi”